Ananth K

Ananth is passionate about technology, agriculture and healthcare. His formal education is engineering, and formal work experience is in technology but global travels, backpacks, care-giving and a village immersion has made him celebrating simple life, basic food and rural lands.

Bibhishan B

A farmers son, living in the farm at the moment, and who did formal education in agriculture also got the opportunity to work in an Israeli Kibbutz for a year. He worked in media for a while before joining our mission of making farmers aware that he feels extremely passionate about. Bibhishan operates the shetkari shaala from Phaltan, Satara

Aditya B

A farmers son now a teacher for software at Pimpalgaon, north of Nashik, helps shekru with multiple roles, helping with digital media, helping delivery digital literacy classes to farmers, to rural women

Pragati A

Helping farm her family land in rural Nashik with onions, grapes, Pragati has got a masters in physics as well. She helps shekrutv with social media and research.


Mohan K

Mohan is a farmer based near Pandharpur, Solapur who contributes by conducting interviews with a wide variety of stakeholders on relevant topics. His being a small land holding farmer himself comes extremely useful as it creates a perspective on issues in all these stakeholder discussions.

Archana P

Archana has a financial and nutrition background. She helped with research on scale of finance, cost of cultivation data to help model small holder farm economics. This was very useful in creating a template for financial literacy, counselling and capacity building program being put together.

Irfan S

Irfan worked with ATMA when he was involved with shekru in the early stages. He helped conceptualize datasets on schemes, as his experience with them on ground proved the basis for it. Irfan is involved presenting webinars in shekruTV sharing his experiences and wisdom.

Stakeholders we work regularly at the moment

KVK Hingoli is a the sole agriculture extension institution in the district of Hingoli in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra.   Under one district one product, Hingoli has been given Turmeric.   Other crops like Banana, Cotton, Sorghum, Sugarcane and Sericulture are widely prevalent as well. We do a weekly session every tuesday morning with KVK Hingoli.

The second KVK of the district and the government run, Borgaon’s mandate extends to the northern part of the Satara district of Maharashtra state.    Under the one district one product scheme, Satara has been given sugarcane.   However this region is quite diverse as is the agro climatic zones, in the crops grown.  So everything from strawberries, to ginger, millets, soybean, groundnut are widely prevalent as well.  We do a weekly session every wednesday morning.

Gooseberries, Pomegranate, Lentils, Peas, Groundnut, Goat, Poultry, Fodder are some of the crops that extension is done by the KVK.  We do a weekly session with the KVK on saturday mornings. 

Wheat, Jowar, Bajra, Maize, Tur, Gram, Sugarcane, Cotton, Groundnuts, Pomegranate, Grapes, Banana are all grown in this district.  However Millets have got the one district one product focus here from the government.  The KVK does a lot of outreach activities out there and we partner to do a session with them every thursday morning.

A whole lot of horticulture crops key among them the chikoo, mango, tribal swathes with millets, forest wild vegetables, and honey are some of the focus areas for the KVK.  We do a session with the KVK every tuesday.

Cotton, Bajra, Jowar, Groundnut, Maize, Soyabean are widely present but under the one district one product scheme, Banana gets the nod.  We facilitate a session with KVK Dhule every monday morning. 

The KVK has tremendous experience in vegetables, protected cultivation, processing.  Under one product one district Pune has given assigned Tomatoes. but the diversity of crops grown in this district is vast.  We do sessions with them organized in partnership with ATMA pune, every friday.

MCDC has been mandated with capacity building for farmer producer organizations.  They also help with farmer producer company registrations, input buying, market linkages along with conducting training for CEOs and Board of Directors. We do sessions with MCDC on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

The foundation consists of dedicated veterinary doctors working in the welfare of farmers and animal care. We do sessions with the foundation fortnightly every thursdays.

Biome provides R&D services, regulatory guidance, training and consultancy services to biotechnology based pharma and agri-biotech industry.  We do a session with them every monday understanding more bio inputs.

Stakeholders we worked in the past

Gram Swaraj Seva Trust has a history of working in watershed development and restoration, skill development and financial capacity building.  Based off in Wardha,  their campus has facilities, farms and farm ponds for training and events.   

Inland Freshwater Fisheries hold exciting potential for livelihoods.  Jaljeevika’s mission is to promote different types of inland fisheries – in dams, in rivers, in farm ponds.  Jaljeevika has worked with diverse set of population groups:- tribals,  women farmers, self help groups, cooperatives and now farmer producer organizations to establish and formalize this sector with its expertise.